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About Our Clinic

Our art display features pieces by Misheck Masamvu (Zimbabwe), Ibrahim Miranda (Cuba), Steve Bandoma (Congo), Aboudia Diarrassouba (Ivory Coast), Longinos Nagila (Kenya), Lucia Hinojosa (Mexico) and others.

Aboudia Diarrassouba’s art is inspired by the civil war in the Ivory Coast the artist experienced as a young man. His works were displayed in England, Sweden, USA, Guinea and Ivory Coast. He is currently represented in USA by Ethan Cohen Galleries in New York.

Ibrahim Miranda studied at the National School of Plastic Arts and Superior Institute of Arts in Havana. He participated in numerous national and international solo and group exhibitions in US and Europe. His works are displayed in prestigious collections, such as Palacio de Bellas Artes in Havana, Museum of Modern Art in New York, Gravura Museum in Curitiba, Brasil, Van Reekum Museum in Appeldorn, Holland, Museum of Contemporary Art in Tampa, Fort Lauderdale’s Museum, Fundacao National Library inRio de Janeiro and others.

Longinos Nagila held his first solo exhibition in Lecce, Italy in 2009-2010 and the first solo exhibition in Kenya at Shift-Eye gallery in Nairobi. His works were on display at the Museo Africano in Verona. “Colors means a lot to me since they sometimes dictate the mood of the viewers. My paintings always tell stories of people I have met. They also show emotions and feelings of people in their day-to-day struggles. I can prefer impressionism to realism because realism tends to deal with perfection while impressionism deals with feelings, which are more important to me than perfection. In my paintings, I do figures, human figures, because of their activities and dynamism.”

Lucía Hinojosa is a writer and artist living in Mexico City and New York City. She approaches her practice through a sociological lens, using video, text, mixed media, and installation to parse questions of identity, perception, and poetics in relation to politics. Hinojosa is a graduate from the Visual & Critical Studies Department at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Her visual work has been exhibited at the Havana biennale in 2015. She is the co-founding editor of diSONARE Magazine, a bilingual arts publication.

Misheck Masamvu lives and works in Harare. He studied at Atelier Delta in Harare and Kunste Akademie, Munich, Germany. His art includes paintings, drawings and sculptures. Masamvu has participated in many solo and group exhibitions in South Africa, Germany, France, Dubai, Portugal, including the 54th Venice biennale, where he represented Zimbabwe, the Sao Tome Biennale and the Dakar Biennale.

Steve Bandoma’s works were displayed in multiple solo and group exhibitions in England, France, Belgium, France, Spain, USA, South Africa and Congo, including New Orleans Museum of Art, Fondation Cartier (Paris), The Jimmy Carter Museum (Atlanta), Nelson Mandela Museum (South Africa)



Dr Ghelber sponsored the April 2016 art, fiction and essays magazine, diSONARE.