Cost Effectiveness of Brain Music Therapy

musictherapyInsomnia – How much does it cost you?

Insomnia is a disorder defined by difficulty falling asleep or difficulty maintaining sleep or non-restorative sleep despite adequate time and opportunity for sleeping. Insomnia is associated with poor physical and mental health, decreased quality of life and.. a hefty cost.

Medical literature repeatedly investigated the economic burden of insomnia. For the society as a whole, the estimated cost of insomnia is estimated to 0.2-0.5% of the GDP. The reduction of the quality of liffe is also impressive. Insomnia doubles the risk to die in a work related accident and increases by 69% the risk of having a serious accident. About 20% of road accidents are related to being tired.

The direct cost of insomnia (medications and payments to doctors and medical facilities)  is estimated to be 700-1100 dollars per year and the loss of productivity from insomnia is about 1700 dollars/year for people with moderate to severe insomnia and 500-1000 dolalrs/year in people with mild insomnia.

An estimated 85% of the people with insomnia do not seek medical help. In those that do, the treatment is effective in 57% of the cases. Brain music therapy is effective in about 85% of the patients and it lacks side effects.


The outcomes of untreated insomnia are not entirely understood but it is known that insomnia is associated with a number of adverse health outcomes such as poor physical health, poor mental health including symptoms of anxiety and depression, and decreased quality of life.


The cost of a Brain music therapy recording is $550, much less than the usual cost of insomnia.


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