Brain Music Therapy

Brain Music Therapy is a form of feedback therapy for insomnia using sounds generated from a person’s own brain electrical activity.

We are all familiar to a variety of sounds we might or might be not aware about, such as voices and natural sounds. We are familiar to our own voice. Although we might not be aware of it, we immediately recognize changes of our own voice. As our brain can recognize those sounds, it can also recognize a melody created from its own electric activity.

Music is generated by transforming the electric activity of the brain into sounds by using a proprietary mathematical algorithm.

This music is highly individualized. For each person, the music is created from his/her own brain waves. As the brain electrical activity of two people is never identical, so the brain music of two persons is not identical.

Listening to brain music can help alleviate insomnia in over 80% of the people, and can also be useful for a variety of other conditions, such as anxiety and mood disorders. It may also improve concentration, attention span and peak physical and mental performance.

Brain music therapy is in use since 1993. More than 20000 people arround the world benefited form brain music therapy. Dr Galina Mindlin from New York brought Brain Music therapy to the US. Over 2000 patients in the US were treated so far at the various centers affiliated with brain music therapy.

Brain music therapy benefits not only insomnia, but also depression, anxiety disorders, auditory halucinations, ADHD and migraines. It helps mitigate the effects of withdrawl from substance abuse and improves productivity, preformance and concentration in shift workers, athletes, business people and military personnel.

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